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Traditonally, telemedicine used to mean a video call to your doctor. Despite the doctor's and patient's best efforts, the diagnosis was based on self-reported symptoms and assumptions made by the doctor, not on real evidence-based data. 

Vdoc clinics use award-winning telemedicine solutions and equipment to remove any ambiguity and grey areas, helping doctors make an accurate and complete diagnosis while ensuring an effective treatment course for the patient.

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Q1 - What is VDoc Clinics?

VDOC clinics are physical primary healthcare clinics.

One can visit those clinics and connect with a panel of doctors, online.

The main differentiator is that the doctor can review your parameters and diagnose you correctly using state of the art equipment at VDOC clinics.

At VDOC clinics, we take care of your doctor consultation, first aid, prescription medicines and tests.

Q2 - How can i avail VDoc Clinics services?

You may visit the nearest VDOC Clinics in your neighbourhood/office by booking appointment through our platform and you may also consume our services online directly through the website. First time users will have to register themselves by providing basic information on the website, choosing the log-in option Google or Facebook to create account automatically or if you want to create an account manually, select create an account.

Q3 - What is nurse assisted evidence based telemedicine?

Traditionally, telemedicine would be a patient connecting with doctor through a video or voice call. The diagnosis was based on self reported symptoms and assumptions made by the doctors.

VDOC clinic uses award winning diagnosis equipments that covay the patient information to the doctor in real time. This information is in form of images/video, vital parameters (BP, SPO2, temp), sound from stethoscope etc. These diagnosis equipment to gather evidence required for indepth consultation. Further, the equipment has to be handled by a trained nurse, as required by the doctor.

Thus the term nurse assisted evidence based telemedicine.

Q4 - What are the services offered by VDOC Clinics to its users?

Tele Consultation 24/7* by MBBS doctors, E-Advice, Labs & Diagnostic Services through NABL certified lab with free home sample collection and Dental services. We are always expanding our portfolio of offerings and trying to find ways to provide a seamless, value for money service to our users. Please keep visiting the website to keep abreast on all the new additions

  • Nurse assisted evidence based online doctor consultation (from VDOC Clinic only)
  • Regular online consultation from any location.
  • First Aid
  • PFT / ECG
  • Prescription test and medicines
  • preventive health check
Q5 - Does VDOC Clinics provide any membership plan?

Yes, VDOC provides following yearly membership plan with Unlimited doctor tele consultation by MBBS doctors 24/7, discounts on Labs and Diagnostics services. There are various subscription plans to avail from. Click on the tab to review subscription.

Q6 - Can I avail VDOC services if I am not a subscriber.

Yes, you can walk into any VDOC Clinic and avail the services on payment basis.

Q7 - How may a user consume his/her already paid consultations?

After making the payment, the user is provided a help line number. The user has to call on that number using his registered mobile number, where the payment and consulting doctor is validated. After verification the user is connnected to the doctor via telephone. This process usually takes an average of 1-2 minutes.

Any subscriber can book an appointment online or through helpline numbers. This needs to be done through the registered mobile number of the subscriber. Thereafter the subscriber can connect with the doctor as per consultation slot selected.

Q8 - What doctors are on the panel of VDOC.

VDOC has an experienced panel of GP's and specialists viz paediatrics, cardiology, chest medicine, gynaecology, gastroenterology.

Q9 - How long does a user need to wait before getting connected to the doctor?

VDOC provides instant consultation with the doctor . The Consultations are based on prior online bookings, the wait time is negligible.

Q10 - Can I connect with a doctor who is not on VDOC panel.

Yes, Our aim is to bridge the gap between patient and doctor. If you wish to connect with a doctor of your choice (Who is not on VDOC panel), you need to book an appointment with the respective doctor and inform us. We will send an email link to the doctor. And you need to come to VDOC clinic at the time of appointment and we will connect you with your doctor along with all the diagnostic equipments at VDOC Clinics. 

* The consultation charges have to be borne by patient directly.

Q11 - How will a user get a prescription?

Once consultation completed, doctor will issue prescription to the user. The prescription will be shared through email and WhatsApp. The same would also get documented in subscribers case history.

Q12 - What measures does VDoc have in place for the protection of user data security and privacy?

Safety of user's data is our top priority. We have secured server, multi-level security checks, multiple data backups, and stringent policies in place to ensure your data remains safe and secure. The measures are as per telemedicine guidelines issued by Government of India.

VODC solutions are fully compliant with Telemedicine Practice Guidelines published by Medical Council of India on 25th March 2020 in partnership with NITI Aayog Enabling Registered Medical Practitioners to Provide Healthcare Using Telemedicine. VDOC adheres to Medical Ethics, Data Privacy & Confidentiality of Sensitive Personal Data or Information as per Telemedicine Practice Guidelines.

Q13 - Is VDOC certified by NABH.
Q14 - What is the reliability of diagnostic equipment used by VDOC?
Q15 - What is the difference between VDOC and other telemedicine services providers?

Presently, most of the telemedicine service providers are offering services of booking appointments. Thereafter, the consultation is over a regular video/ phone call. In such consultations, the doctor does not get enough data, as available in an in-person consultation, and is solely relying upon the articulation of patient. This is where VDOC Clinics create value by creating the bridge between the doctor and the patient. VDOC Clinics are equipped with award winning diagnostic equipment, which are handled by trained Nurses. This enables the doctor to investigate & diagnose the patient remotely and gather all the evidence/ data, similar to an in-person consultation, helping the doctor to make more informed decisions.

We can add another question: Can I share this evidence/ data with doctors who are not on VDOC Panel? Yes. All the data/ evidence gathered during the assessment/ consultation at VDOC Clinic would be documented in form of a prescription. This prescription would be available to the user and can be further shared as per their discretion.

Q16 - Can I share this evidence/ data with doctors who are not on VDOC Panel?

Yes. All the data/ evidence gathered during the assessment/ consultation at VDOC Clinic would be documented in form of a prescription. This prescription would be available to the user and can be further shared at their discretion.