Why India needs Telemedicine

Number of Physicians is far less than required

  • WHO Recommends a Doctor Patient Ratio of 1 : 1,000
  • Ratio in India stands at 1 : 11,082
  • Problem is worsened due inadequate infrasturucture and facilities

Evidence based Telemedicine is a game changer

  • Nurse and specialised equipment provide evidence to the doctor
  • Patient experience is enhanced due to better diagnosis
  • ENT, Paediatrics, Dermatology, and even Cardio is possiable with VDOC

Services for Every Sector

VDOC Health is the world’s only integrated virtual care system for delivering, enabling and empowering whole-person health—from wellness and prevention to acute care to complex healthcare needs.

Access high quality healthcare and a doctor of your choice, without the hassle of visiting or waiting.

Increase patient numbers, minimize travel time, all without compromising on quality of treatment.

Potential of Telemedicine in Numbers

The glaring gap between the demand and the actual deployment of telemedicine in India’s primary healthcare is proof why you need to make a shift right now.

130+ Crore Population
1.2+Lakh Primary Health Centeres
0.002+Doctors / Person
0.0003+ Heath Centers / Person